How I do my Monthly Review

How I do my Monthly Review
Photo by Estée Janssens / Unsplash

So, next in my journaling story is the Monthly Review. This blogpost follows the previous blogposts describing my Daily Review and Weekly Review. The monthly review is actually a short recap of the weekly reviews. It helps in cleaning up current projects to start a fresh new page in the new month. I do the monthly review the last day of every month.

So, how do I do it?


The review starts with two to-do's:

  1. Check if all projects are in the right place in the Second Brain
  2. Check if new projects in the "Someday" folder can be picked up

What went good this month?

After my Second Brain is cleaned up and ready I look back at the highlights of previous weekly reviews. I sum up all the highlights of the weeks as bullet points in the monthly review. It's nice to see your accomplishments from the past weeks, which you may have forgotten already.

What should be the highlight of the next month?

Although you can accomplish multiple goals in a month, it's nice to formulate one big goal you want to complete the next month. It gives you a focus for the next month and outlines a direction to move forward on. Every other smaller goal you accomplish is a nice to have.

Final note

This review is a short one, but helps me finish the previous month and start the next one with a clear direction. It takes just a couple of minutes of your time, but gives you a headstart for the upcoming month.